Spinal Decompression

What is Spinal Decompression?

Lumbar decompression surgery is a type of surgery used to treat compressed nerves in the lower (lumbar) spine. It’s only recommended when non-surgical treatments haven’t helped. The surgery aims to improve symptoms such as persistent pain and numbness in the legs caused by pressure on the nerves in the spine.


How is Spinal Decompression Surgery performed?

  • The surgery is performed through an incision in the back (posterior) muscles. The lamina bone forms the backside of the spinal canal and makes a roof over the spinal cord. Removing the lamina partially and thickened ligament gives more room for the nerves and allows for removal of bone spurs (osteophytes) and free up the space for nerves giving complete pain relief due to compression. ck.
Minimally Invasive Surgery

When is Spinal Decompression Surgery needed?

Lumbar decompression surgery is often used to treat: spinal stenosis – narrowing of a section of the spinal column, which puts pressure on the nerves inside. A slipped disc and sciatica – where a damaged spinal disc presses down on an underlying nerve. spinal injuries – such as a fracture or the swelling of tissue.


How do I know if I need Spinal Decompression Surgery?

Candidates for spinal decompression therapy include the following: Diagnosis of a herniated, bulging or degenerated disc. Back pain persisting for more than three weeks. Recurrent pain from a failed back surgery that is more than six months old.


Should I have Spinal Decompression Surgery?

There’s good evidence that decompression surgery can be an effective treatment for people with severe pain caused by compressed nerves. Up to 3 in every 4 people who have the operation experience a significant improvement in pain.


How successful is Spinal Decompression Surgery?

Surgery to relieve pressure on the nerve roots is very safe and successful in relieving pain more than in 95% of patients. Surgery does correct the symptoms by more than 95% in well-selected patients. Rehabilitation can further improve functions and pain relief.


How long does Spinal Decompression Surgery last?

Surgery lasts for approx 1 hour and patients wake up within 90 mins. It will take about 2-4 weeks to reach your expected level of mobility and function (this will depend on the severity of your condition and symptoms before the operation).


What are the techniques of Spinal Decompression?

Back surgery for a pinched nerve can usually be done with two techniques – Open decompression and microscopic minimally invasive decompression. Decompression can be done best with a minimally invasive approach, and will usually result in an early return to normal function (1 to 3 weeks). The success rate for decompression spine surgery is high, with approximately 95% of patients experiencing good relief of the leg pain after the surgery.

Commonly asked questions about Spinal Decompression Surgery

What are the advantages of Minimally Invasive Spinal Decompression Surgery?

This type of surgery offer patients several benefits such as smaller incisions, faster recovery times, reduced pain and scarring. In many cases, minimally invasive surgery also offers a higher accuracy rate compared to traditional open surgery.

What are the side effects of Spinal Decompression?

Lumbar decompression surgery is extremely safe and successful. However, may have carried 1-3% risk of complications which may include. Recurrent or continuing symptoms, Infection, blood clots, dural tear, leakage of cerebrospinal fluid, facial sores and loss of vision, nerve injury and rarely paralysis.

How long does it take to walk after spinal surgery?

With minimally invasive spine surgery, most patients will start walking same day after surgery with no need of bed rest. however, strenuous activities and running and sports can be resumed only after 3 weeks. You should tell your employer you will be out of work for approximately 2-4 weeks, walking is the best activity you can do for the first 6 weeks after surgery. You should start out slowly and work up to 30 minutes of walking at least twice a day.




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