Physio For Lumbar Spine Problems


Specialized Spine Physiotherapy for common back problems include:

  • Spinal Strengthening exercises
  • Spinal Stretching / Mobilising exercises
  • Spinal Trunk Stability Exercises

Spinal Strengthening Exercises

Physio for Cervical Spine Problems


Specialized Spine Physiotherapy for common Neck problems include

Physical Exercise-

Regular exercise and walks promote the circulation in the affected tissue and thus have an easing affect. Loosening-up exercises make the spine more flexible and strengthens the respective muscles.

Sitting Positions-

Correct sitting position is important for the prevention and treatment of posture-related and wear-related damage. Chairs and armchairs must provide a good support for the spine. Seats and tables should be adjusted so that the spine retains it’s natural upright posture. It is beneficial to use a reading desk with a sloping top when reading or writing.


It is important to avoid forcing your body into an unnatural posture for too long as this can lead to discomfort of the muscle at the neck and shoulders. Regular physical exercises should above all be aimed at those regions of the body affected by symptoms and pain. It is best to carry out the exercises in the morning straight after getting up.

Neck Strengthening Exercises

Our Physiotherapist

DR. Hemal Sanghvi
Specialist Spine & Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

DR. Rahul Kurli
Spine Physiotherapist & Orthopaedic Physio Specialist

Dr. Nikita Dabholkar (PT)
MPT (Musculoskeletal Sciences)

Dr. Mansi Shah (PT)
Specialist Spine & Sports Injury Specialist




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