Cervical Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery

Cervical Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery

 The natural cervical intervertebral disc is a remarkable mechanical structure from an engineering perspective. It has the ability to absorb a large compressive load while still providing an impressive range of motion between the bones in the neck.

Duplicating the natural disc’s form and function with an artificial disc is challenging. However, several artificial cervical discs have been developed and are available as a surgical option to treat cervical disc problems that cause chronic neck pain and other symptoms, such as arm pain or weakness.

Cervical Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery
Goals for Cervical Artificial Disc Replacement are:

  • Relieve nerve compression
  • Maintain motion at the repaired spinal level


Efficacy of Cervical Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery

While cervical artificial disc replacement surgery is still considered a newer procedure, the data collected thus far have shown it to be relatively safe and effective for reducing neck and arm pain resulting from a compressed nerve root or spinal cord. Several randomized controlled trial studies, ranging from 2 to 10 years, have shown clinical success rates for cervical ADR to be similar or even better than ACDF clinical success rates. However, there is currently a lack of data on the success or failure of cervical ADR in the long run, such as over 15 or 20 years, which presents its own unknown risk and must be taken into consideration when deciding on the surgery. Current studies do demonstrate that the symptom relief achieved within the first few months after cervical ADR can last for many years




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