Safe Spine Surgery

Are Spine Surgeries Safe?

Yes – Modern Spine Surgery is extremely safe with predictable outcomes. Most degenerative spine conditions like Slip Disc, Spinal Stenosis, Spinal Fusion, Spondylolisthesis, Cervical Disc Decompression, Cervical Disc Replacement & Spinal Tuberculosis/ Trauma/ Tumour Decompression Stabilisation can be performed with utmost precision and excellent outcomes.

Most procedures are extremely safely performed with Minimally Invasive and Micro-endoscopic techniques.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

What are the risks of Conventional Open Spine Surgeries?

Risks involved in most spine surgeries are in the range of 1-3 %. These may range on the higher side in complex surgeries like a spinal deformity or craniovertebral junction pathologies. The potential problems in spine surgery may range from delayed recovery, wound healing issues, dural leaks, bleeding, infection, implant loosening, residual compression, paralysis to rare death. The need for prolonged physiotherapy or nursing care at home may be needed in some patients. The need for an early or delayed return for revision surgery in a minority situation also needs to be understood and accepted.


How do we enhance safety in spine surgery?

Modern technological advancements have made spine surgery extremely precise and safe. In addition, the skill of fellowship-trained spine specialists and teamwork has brought risks to less than 1 percent in a carefully chosen patient for surgery. The newer methods that make spine surgery safe, precise, promising, and predictable towards a satisfying outcome are:

  • Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
  • Micro-endoscopic Spine Surgical Techniques
  • Robotic Spine Surgery assistance for instrumentation
  • Navigated Spine Surgery
  • Modern Imaging Systems
  • IONM – Intra-operative Neuromonitoring during Complex Spine Surgeries

At CESS we utilize all safety techniques with a team of spine specialists trained in the most advanced spine surgery, making the outcome predictable, promising, and satisfying.




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