Awake Spine Surgery

What are Awake Spine Surgery?

It is a type of completely painless surgery while keeping the patient awake. The surgery is performed under Regional Anaesthesia or Local Anaesthesia safely without compromising on the safety of the patient. The patient is not given General Anaesthesia like conventional open spine surgeries. Since these procedures are done under local anaesthesia, the patient is awake during
the procedure.


Is Awake Spine Surgery Safe for patients?

Yes – Awake Spine Surgery is the Safest form of spine surgery as it does not require general anaesthesia and entails stringent monitoring during surgery. The risks of general anaesthesia are migrated by awake spine surgery.

awake spine surgery

Does the patient feel pain during Awake Spine Surgery?

No – Awake Spine Surgeries are performed under local and regional anesthesia using specialized and advanced safety protocols

What are the advantages of Awake Spine Surgery?

  1. Quick, easy, and safe
  2. Extremely efficacious
  3. Can be done in most elderly patients who are unfit for General Anaesthesia.
  4. No direct risk of general anaesthesia
  5. No General anaesthesia related risks to the heart or lungs
  6. No postoperative vomiting, headache, nausea, retching
  7. Beer pain management
  8. Least requirement of pain killers
  9. The patient is Awake during surgery
  10. Least Period of Hospitalization – Risk of Cross infections reduced
  11. Economical – cost of prolonged hospitalization is not required
  12. Quick rehabilitation – Quick mobilisation
  13. Early return to work
  14. Easy rehabilitation at home
  15. Postoperative injectable painkillers usually not needed

What are the Conditions in which Day Care Surgeries can be performed?

  1. Slip disc: Micro-endoscopic Discectomy
  2. Spinal Stenosis: Micro-endoscopic Decompression
  3. Spinal Fusion for spondylolisthesis –MIS TLIF
  4. Spinal Injections – Nerve root blocks
  5. Vertebroplasty
  6. Kyphoplasty
  7. Trauma Fixation surgery for lumbar spine
  8. Spinal Fusion Surgery
  9. Spine Biopsy




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