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Physiotherapy has a major role in spinal back pain/ Slip disc treatment. It teaches how to condition your body to prevent further injury and help in the recovery of the painful episode. There are a variety of physical therapy techniques passive and active.

Passive treatments relax your body and include deep tissue massage, hot and cold Therapy, Electrical Stimulation (TENS) and Hydrotherapy. Active treatment involves active Stretching and Strengthening Exercises including Trunk Stability & Core Strengthening A dedicated team of Physiotherapists involved in the comprehensive non-surgical care of Back pain, Neck pain, Slip disc and Spinal Stenosis.


Specialised Spine Physiotherapy for common back problems include:

  1. Spinal Strengthening exercises
  2. Spinal Stretching exercises
  3. Spinal Trunk Stability Exercises
  4. Neck Strengthening exercises
  5. Core Balancing exercises /Pilates

6. Shoulder and trapezius strengthening and ROM exercises
7. Knee & quadriceps including VMO exercises
8. Gluteal and Hamstring stretching
9. Hydrotherapy /Modalities —SWD/IFT/TENS

Specialised Spine Physiotherapy Teams

DR. Hemal Sanghvi
Specialist Spine & Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

DR. Rahul Kurli
Spine Physiotherapist & Orthopaedic Physio Specialist

Dr. Nikita Dabholkar (PT)
MPT (Musculoskeletal Sciences)

Dr. Mansi Shah (PT)
Specialist Spine & Sports Injury Specialist




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